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Are you ready to make a difference for the climate, nature, food, health, and society? By studying at Wageningen University & Research, you will be working on creating tomorrow’s world today. Challenge yourself, change the future.

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Student stories

Our students tell their story

Bachelor’s International Land and Water Management

“I have always had an interest in nature. From an early age, I was already busy taking care of different types of plants in my own vegetable garden”.

Read the story of Mathijs
Bachelor’s Animal Sciences

“My journey into Animal Sciences has been a thrilling one, from my childhood fascination with zoos and petting farms to discover my dream study programme.”

Read the story of Daan
Bachelor’s Environmental Sciences

“I’ve always been intrigued with the environment and had a strong desire to make a positive impact. That is why I choose to study at Wageningen University & Research”

Read the story of Yejin
Bachelor’s Food Technology

“I want to make an impact in the local community of my country, the African continent and maybe the world.”

Read the story of Louis

Experience the atmosphere at WUR

    [{"name":"Environmental Sciences","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/environmental-sciences\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"earth-americas","name":"Climate"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"},{"icon":"people-group","name":"Society"}]},{"name":"Food Technology","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/food-technology\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"apple-whole","name":"Food"},{"icon":"gear","name":"Technology"}]},{"name":"International Land and Water Management","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/international-land-and-water-management\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"earth-americas","name":"Climate"},{"icon":"people-group","name":"Society"},{"icon":"apple-whole","name":"Food"}]},{"name":"Marine Sciences","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/marine-sciences\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"apple-whole","name":"Food"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"},{"icon":"people-group","name":"Society"}]},{"name":"Tourism","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/tourism\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"earth-americas","name":"Climate"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"},{"icon":"people-group","name":"Society"}]},{"name":"Soil, Water, Atmosphere","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/soil-water-atmosphere\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"earth-americas","name":"Climate"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"}]},{"name":"Animal Sciences","text":"","link":"https:\/\/\/course\/animal-sciences\/","degree":{"icon":"building-columns","name":"Bachelor's"},"duration":"3 years","language":"English","sectors":[{"icon":"apple-whole","name":"Food"},{"icon":"heart-pulse","name":"Health"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"},{"icon":"leaf","name":"Nature"}]}]

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Awards we are proud of

Curious about how well the university is doing in the Netherlands and the rest of the world?

Best University of
the Nederlands

In 2022, WUR was named the best university for the 18th time in a row. The Keuzegids ranking compares various Dutch universities and conducts a national student survey among nearly 300,000 students.

Most sustainable university in the world

WUR has been named the most sustainable university of 2022. The GreenMetric ranking looks at how scientific institutions worldwide deal with energy, climate, waste, transport, water, biodiversity and infrastructure.

1st place in Agriculture & Forestry

The university ranks first in the field of Agriculture & Forestry. The QS World University Rankings is an annual ranking that rates universities on the quality of education and more.

3rd place Environment & Ecology

WUR is number three in the field of Environment & Ecology. The National Taiwan Ranking compares more than 300 universities on the quality, impact and productivity of researchers. 


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Frequently asked questions

Do you still have an urgent question? View our most frequently asked questions, we are happy to answer you. 

How can I apply for a Bachelor’s programme?

Have you already decided on what programme suits you better? That’s great! As a prospective bachelor’s student, you can submit your application for one of our Bachelor’s programmes via Studielink. First, check if you meet the admission requirements. On our website, you can find all the information about application and admission. Do not miss the chance to become one of our students!

Where can I find more information about the process of matching?

When choosing a study, it is important to consider if your skills and interests would fit the programme you picked. Therefore, a study choice check needs to be taken by future Dutch and international bachelor’s students. After submitting your application via Studielink, you are required to complete an online matching questionnaire. This will be done to match your motivations with the nature and content of the programme. You will receive an invitation to complete the online matching test.

What are the tuition fees for a bachelor’s programme?

Studying is a good investment but, of course, it costs money. The tuition fee for a bachelor’s programme for EU/EFTA students is approx. €2,200 per academic year and for a NON-EU student is approx. €16.000. In addition to your studies, it is also important that you have a fun student life which means that you will have other expenses. Like your rent, insurance, travelling, groceries and more. On our website, we have a detailed overview of your study expenses. Give it a check and make a budget for yourself. You can also visit our international students’ blog to read more about the experience of our students with their finances.

How is the student life in Wageningen?

Studying at Wageningen means studying on an awesome campus surrounded by beautiful nature. The university facilities are excellent. For example, we have high-tech laboratories, inspiring teachers and a huge library. The campus is big, but because everything is close together, you quickly know your way around and make friends with people from all over the world. You can also do sports at the Sportcentrum de Bongerd which offers an extensive and varied sports selection. And, of course, Wageningen has a vibrant student life with several student and study associations that organise many fun activities for (international) students!

How can I find a room in Wageningen?

Coming from abroad, the easiest way to find a room is with Idealis. So, how to get started? First, you have to register in Once you sign up, you can check the various offers Idealis has. Start this process as early as possible. The earlier you register, the more chances you have to find a room in time, so don’t leave this for the end. You can visit our student housing page to find more information.

Students Blog

International Students Blog

Here we share student experiences about all kinds of topics. From application to housing facilities, and what to do in Wageningen, our blog posts are aimed to help our future and current students in their journey through their experience in a new country.

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