bachelor environmental sciences wageningen university

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bachelor environmental sciences wageningen university

Environmental Sciences

Bachelor's 3 years English
  • Climate
  • Nature
  • Society

Do you want to help protect the environment? Would you like to contribute to reducing climate change and finding sustainable solutions for the future? If so, then the Environmental Sciences bachelor’s programme could be the programme you are looking for.

What will you study during this Bachelor’s?

This English-taught bachelor’s programme is about finding sustainable solutions to major challenges society is facing. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more clear how much impact we as humans have on the planet. You may play an important role in changing this. During the programme, you will learn to look at and assess environmental and sustainability issues from a wide range of angles. You will also learn to evaluate and apply different solutions to tackle issues like the depletion of natural resources, pollution, energy transition and much more.

One of the major strengths is that you learn to look at sustainable solutions through both natural and social scientific lenses. For example, by investigating how we can make surface water cleaner and how people, companies and governments can contribute. 

Help design the world of tomorrow today! 

Why this programme?

  • The combination of natural, social, and technological sciences gives you a broad understanding of the relationship between people and the environment.      
  • You will investigate environmental issues from a campus where we have been gathering and applying knowledge for over a century. A wealth of opportunities await you!  
  • What you will learn will enable you to contribute directly to a more sustainable future for the planet, and WUR’s international network will help you on your way.    

More information about Environmental Sciences

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