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International Land and Water Management

Master's 2 years English
  • Climate
  • Nature

Developing plans for sustainable crop production with local farmers in Burundi, investigating the impact of the growing thirst of Lima on Andean farmers, or developing scenarios for the sustainable use of the floodplains of the Dutch Rhine; these are all examples of the kind of challenges you’ll encounter in the International Land and Water Management programme.

What will you study during this Master’s?

You will learn to unravel complex land and water management issues through an interdisciplinary approach, combining physical, technical and social sciences, as well as non-academic knowledge. As you’ll find out, this field has no ‘one-size-fits-all solutions’. After various common courses on conceptual and theoretical approaches to research in land and water management, you choose one of the three specialisations to become a relevant player in current and future land and water management challenges.

Why this programme?

  • This master’s is focussed on unravelling complex land and water management challenges in a variety of contexts.
  • You will deal with real-world problems, such as field erosion, flood preparation, food security and the social and environmental impact of hydropower.
  • The programme teaches you how to make an actual difference by bringing together relevant stakeholders from various fields.

More information about International Land and Water Management

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