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Plant Biotechnology

Master's 2 years English
  • Food
  • Technology

Modern biotechnology and genomics have opened up a whole new range of techniques and possibilities to study the full potential of plants. Whether our goal is to improve crop varieties, study medicinal properties, or transform plant material into biofuel, molecular and genetic techniques play a crucial role.

What will you study during this Master’s?

The master’s in Plant Biotechnology focuses on the development and application of new technologies to study plants. The programme combines knowledge of plant physiology and genetics with the newest developments in molecular biology and biotechnology. The Master’s in Plant Biotechnology is truly a research oriented master’s programme that is tailored to students with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Plant Science, Biotechnology, or a bachelor’s degree from another laboratory oriented programme.

Why this programme?

  • Focus on plant physiology and morphology at different levels; from single cells, to tissues, to whole plants.
  • Learn about the technical aspects of plant biotechnology as well as the ethical and regulatory aspects and intellectual property rights.
  • Choose one out of three specialisations: Functional Plant Genomics, Plants for Human and Animal Health or Molecular Plant Breeding and Pathology.

More information about Plant Biotechnology

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