Animal Sciences

Do you want to contribute to worldwide sustainable and responsible animal husbandry? Animal well-being, health, and production processes are important topics that you will address in this master’s programme. Turn your passion for animals into your dream career! What will you study during this Master’s? The animal-human interaction plays an important role in this study … Continued

Nutrition and Health

The complex relationship between what you eat and how healthy you are, provides food for thought and fuel for lively debates in society. With an increase in obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, it is more important than ever to study the relationship between nutrition and health. What will you study during this Master’s? The MSc Nutrition … Continued

Animal Breeding and Genetics (double degree)

This master’s is a fascinating field of study that focuses on the principles and techniques involved in improving the genetic makeup of animals. It encompasses various scientific disciplines, including genetics, statistics, and reproductive physiology. What will you study during this Master’s? During this two-year programme, you will become an expert in animal breeding and genetics, … Continued

Communication, Health and Life Sciences

Are you ready to become a bridge builder in a world that rapidly polarises? At Wageningen University & Research, with the master’s Communication, Health, and Life Sciences the aim is to equip our students with the skills to connect experts and citizens, bridge the gap between science and politics, and transcend societal boundaries. What will … Continued

Animal Sciences

Are you all about animals? Do you like the idea of humans and animals living side by side so they can both live their best lives? Then the Animal Sciences bachelor’s programme is for you.  What will you study during this Bachelor’s? You will be studying animals that play a vital role in our modern … Continued