Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

Do you want to learn about innovative and sustainable solutions to preserve marine biodiversity? Using an integrative approach to ecosystem management? Then this is the master’s for you. What will you study during this Master’s? The master’s Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management is a two-year MSc programme. The main focus of this master’s is the … Continued

Environmental Sciences

Every day, the environmental and sustainability issues like climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion become even more pressing. Be part of an international classroom and become an academic professional contributing to a sustainable future. What will you study during this Master’s? In this two-year inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary programme, you’ll delve into the interactions … Continued

Earth and Environment

With the more and more pressing global challenges like climate change, water resources, biodiversity loss, and soil degradation, there is a big need for scientific professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the relationship between soil, water and atmosphere. What will you study during this Master’s? During this two-year programme, you will dive into the … Continued

Forest and Nature Conservation

To preserve our natural world, we need to understand and be able to predict the effect of phenomena such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, ecotourism, timber production and animal reintroduction. We are in a crucial moment in which we can do something to protect the natural resources we will leave for future generations. Do you want … Continued


Modern biotechnology uses cellular and biomolecular processes to create innovative products and develop new technologies to improve our lives and our environment. From food to vaccines; biotechnologists work at the heart of decisive solutions. What will you study during this Master’s? Biotechnology is the industrial exploitation of living organisms or the exploitation of components derived … Continued


Bioinformatics and Systems Biology are scientific disciplines with roots in computer science, mathematical modelling, statistics and molecular biology. As larger amounts of data are collected at all levels of the life sciences, new methods of analysis, modelling, and interpretation are required. If you are passionate about life sciences, data modelling and computer science, this is … Continued

Animal Sciences

Do you want to contribute to worldwide sustainable and responsible animal husbandry? Animal well-being, health, and production processes are important topics that you will address in this master’s programme. Turn your passion for animals into your dream career! What will you study during this Master’s? The animal-human interaction plays an important role in this study … Continued


There isn’t a better time to study Biology than now. Today, we can address issues that were unthinkable in the past and that have huge implications for our environment and society. For example, do you want to contribute to biodiversity conservation, engage in cutting-edge research and have a deeper understanding of biological systems? Then, this … Continued

Water Technology (joint degree)

Water technology can be applied to the most urgent global challenges. A blue battery, for example, stores energy using only water and salt. Innovative membranes may be used to improve sea water desalination, and micro-pollutants can be removed with smart UV-technology. This unique joint degree in Water Technology teaches you to develop and apply water-related … Continued

Urban Environmental Management

By 2030, around three out of five people will live in an urban environment. This development leads to environmental challenges such as growing traffic, increasing waste emissions, deteriorating air and water quality, and growth in energy and resource consumption. Sustainable management of the urban environment has become one of the major challenges of the 21st … Continued