International Development Studies

Do you often wonder why it remains so hard to tackle global challenges like poverty, inequality and environmental degradation? Are you intrigued by topics like migration, climate justice and social unrest? Then join the MSc International Development Studies and learn how to contribute to a fair and sustainable future. What will you study during this … Continued

Development and Rural Innovation

Do you sometimes wonder why – with all the technological knowledge we have – it remains so hard to actually solve societal problems? Would you like to know how we can design interventions that really do profit those who need it the most? Then join the MSc Development and Rural Innovation and learn how to … Continued

Consumer Studies

Now more than ever, we should provide consumers with sustainable products and the incentives to choose them. Dive into the urgent and relevant field where societal needs intersect with consumer choices. Discover how you can make a difference by bridging the gap between current trends and sustainable practices, between companies and consumers, between government and … Continued

Urban Environmental Management

By 2030, around three out of five people will live in an urban environment. This development leads to environmental challenges such as growing traffic, increasing waste emissions, deteriorating air and water quality, and growth in energy and resource consumption. Sustainable management of the urban environment has become one of the major challenges of the 21st … Continued

Tourism, Society and Environment

Everyone enjoys a good holiday, but at what cost? Tourism is the one of the world’s largest economic sectors, posing significant societal and environmental challenges. Effective and sustainable solutions are becoming ever more crucial as this leisure sector continues to grow. Join this programme and contribute to the future of sustainable tourism. What will you … Continued

Sustainable Business and Innovation

Today’s global challenges call for companies to make green choices. The master’s Sustainable Business and Innovation will teach you how firms, farms, markets and sectors can transform to be part of sustainable solutions. As a manager, marketeer or entrepreneur, you can help organisations to go beyond business as usual. What will you study during this … Continued

Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics

How do we operate supply chains and businesses efficiently and, above all, in a sustainable way? Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics teaches you to analyse modern supply chain processes, to solve complex business problems and to make sustainable impact by applying the latest developments. What will you study during this Master’s? This is a two-year programme … Continued

Resilient Farming and Food Systems

The call to make agriculture more sustainable is growing by the day. To make real strides, society is in great need of people who understand both natural and social challenges of sustainable food system. What will you study during this Master’s? The master Resilient Farming and Food Systems focuses on developing the food systems of … Continued

Landscape, Architecture and Planning

Many of the landscapes we live in are the result of complex human interactions with the natural world. A new generation of landscape architects and spatial planners is needed to tackle the challenges we face as we develop our living environment. Are you one of them? What will you study during this Master’s? The MSc … Continued