Food Safety

Food safety is a very relevant field of food sciences associated with food safety measures, regulations and guidelines aimed at controlling food hazards. This programme includes components from the legal, technical and management aspects of the food supply chain. What will you study during this Master’s? Wageningen University & Research is one of the leading … Continued

Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

Do you want to learn about innovative and sustainable solutions to preserve marine biodiversity? Using an integrative approach to ecosystem management? Then this is the master’s for you. What will you study during this Master’s? The master’s Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management is a two-year MSc programme. The main focus of this master’s is the … Continued

International Development Studies

Do you often wonder why it remains so hard to tackle global challenges like poverty, inequality and environmental degradation? Are you intrigued by topics like migration, climate justice and social unrest? Then join the MSc International Development Studies and learn how to contribute to a fair and sustainable future. What will you study during this … Continued

Environmental Sciences

Every day, the environmental and sustainability issues like climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion become even more pressing. Be part of an international classroom and become an academic professional contributing to a sustainable future. What will you study during this Master’s? In this two-year inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary programme, you’ll delve into the interactions … Continued

Economics of Sustainability

How can we achieve a more sustainable overall global welfare? By transforming a system that largely neglects the effects of production and consumption on nature and the environment into an all-inclusive system. That is exactly what we will prepare you for during this programme. Get ready to thrive in a world drowning in data and … Continued

Earth and Environment

With the more and more pressing global challenges like climate change, water resources, biodiversity loss, and soil degradation, there is a big need for scientific professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the relationship between soil, water and atmosphere. What will you study during this Master’s? During this two-year programme, you will dive into the … Continued

Development and Rural Innovation

Do you sometimes wonder why – with all the technological knowledge we have – it remains so hard to actually solve societal problems? Would you like to know how we can design interventions that really do profit those who need it the most? Then join the MSc Development and Rural Innovation and learn how to … Continued

Data Science for Food and Health

A lot of chronic diseases are related to lifestyle. There is a big need for new tool to get a better understanding about the factors that play a role in those lifestyles. In today’s data-driven world, information is abundant, and data science opens new possibilities in health, nutrition, lifestyle, and consumer behaviour. What will you … Continued

Consumer Studies

Now more than ever, we should provide consumers with sustainable products and the incentives to choose them. Dive into the urgent and relevant field where societal needs intersect with consumer choices. Discover how you can make a difference by bridging the gap between current trends and sustainable practices, between companies and consumers, between government and … Continued

Food Technology (Online)

The online master’s Food Technology focuses on the core of food technology: ingredient functionality, sustainable food process engineering and product design. Since the programme includes input from different disciplines: food chemistry, food physics, food microbiology, food process engineering and food quality & design, you will be able to work in different branches of the food … Continued